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    Do you have a High
    Income Skill?

    The global unemployment rate is at sky high with over 190 Million jobs lost
    and estimated 30 Millions here in Africa alone, our economy has changed
    and you should too!

About Me

I am Humphrey

Due to this pandemic (COVID19), our economy landscape has totally changed and this could could be for GOOD.
Long gone are the days where as long as you had a given qualification, you were guaranteed a job, in this new ERA, you need a Skill, a High Income Skill
As a way of giving back, i would like to show you my favourite High Income Skill, a skill i have mastered for the past 8 years though the 3 collaborating channels below.

My Mission

Nurturing Leaders, setting a Standard while Defining Perfection.

My Vision

I believe in Intrapreneurship, Innovation and creativity, to provide better solutions that impact positively, our community.

Humphrey Tugume

Do you have a High Income Skill?

High income skill is one of the three pillars of the Wealth Triangle. Essentially, it's a skill that has potential to make you 100,000 USD a year.

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How we can work together.

Online Course (DjangoTuts)

I have packed 8 plus years of experience, best practices, shortcuts, workflow and other tricks to get you up and running in less than 5 weeks.

Consultation Call

A 30 minutes call session where i look at your project and solve all the errors that you may be facing in real time.

On-Site Consultation

Book a whole day for a Zoom or On-Site session where we get to work together so that your project or team can be on their A-Game.


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