About Me

Who am I

I am by no means the best, (except when it comes to building custom software in Python and Django, I am a god!) So if you are looking for someone to work with on your web or mobile platform, I am available.

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My Mission

Nurturing Leaders, setting a Standard while Defining Perfection.

My Vision

I believe that Intrapreneurship, Innovation and creativity, is the key to providing better solutions that impact positively, our community.


I was born on Feb 2nd, 1990, in Kabale District in the Western Region of Uganda as the last born in our family and privilaged to have awesome family members to look up to.

My love for computers and technology started way back in 2000/2002 when I was introduced to a computer by my big brother. He would write tasks he needed me to complete on sticky notes and pin them computer screen, I still remember vividly. The computer was too slow but most importantly, I learnt how to use Microsoft Office and browse The Internet.

In 2010, I was introduced to software dvelopment and I was always fascinated by mobile apps (the days when Blackberry and Nokia were a thing). My first mobile application was a Nokia app, I built it for a bulk text business we had started with a friend (Andrew) called Send SMS Uganda, where we would send bulk messages for Churches, Schools and other busineses.


In 2014, I started my Software company Echrise Intenational Limited with 3 of my friends and it's still growing strong to this day.

Through Echrise, I have worked on numerous awesome projects in different sectors such as Tourism, Communication, Banking, Insurance, Inventory, Transportation, Health care, Fresh water bio-diversity to mention but a few.

I have also worked with amazing organizations such as GTBank Uganda, Ministry of Health, Uganda, NugSoft Technologies, LegIT Innovations, ESAFF Uganda, Kilimomart Platform, Adamas Advisory among others.

My portfolio
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