4 ways to make money with your website

4 ways to make money with your website

This year (2019) alone, I have interacted with hundreds of people and the two topics that always come up are:
1: How to make money with and from your website
2: What does it take to have my personal website.

Today, I am going to share with you, 4 ways to make money with your website, the second will be on my next one.

Method #1 — Ads
This is the easiest method to make money from your website. The way it works is simple, you sign up for Google AdSense account, once you are approved, you received a code snippet that you can place wherever you desire to have ads on your website.
In as much as this is the simplest method, there is no real money here, unless you have over 100,000 visitors to your website in a month.

Method #2 — Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is the process of referring people over to a certain product and getting a commission when they make a purchase.
Now, this is the most straight forward method to making money from your website, the only drawback is that in recent years, buyers have increasingly become skeptical, especially online, we tend to buy from people we trust, therefore the real work here is to build trust in your target audience.
Once the trust has been well established, people can purchase products on your recommendation and you make off that commission.

Method #3 — E-commerce
The third method of making money with a website is selling tangible products.
And no, I’m not talking about a Shopify store either.
But I’m talking about a website that writes blogs, then refers people to buy their products on other sites (such as Amazon).
Take an example of a furniture workshop that writes articles about furniture and in their articles, they put links or a call to action to check out the products listed on online shops such as Jumia or Amazon

Method #4 — Selling digital products or services
This is by far my favorite method and this is how it works or how I implement it.
So, one of my products is a Health Information Management System called EchriNic that targets clinics and hospitals with multiple branches and this is how I use my website to get clients for both EchriNic and other projects.

For EchriNic, I write blogs and articles like this and this which are educative and informative, however, you notice at the end, I put a call to action that leads to the EchriNic website. This acts as a lead magnet for the product, acts as a marketing strategy and it helps me convince clinic and hospital owners that I am the right person to support their business.
The calls I receive after them reading the articles are very different and closing deals is made very simple.

This method also allows me to talk about other skills and services I offer like Personal Branding consultancy with articles like this with a call to action at the end of the article. So when someone calls in or sends an email inquiring more, I schedule a consultation meeting with them and I am paid.
Pretty nifty huh!!

Over to you, comment below, other ways you are earning money from your website, and for more information or if you need more insights on how to make money online, send me an email or phone call