5 proven scientific reasons why you need a personal website.

5 proven scientific reasons why you need a personal website.

The initial title for this article was 5 reasons why you need a personal
website and please don't ask me why I always have an odd number of
reasons in my articles, that's a topic for another day
but I decided to
change the title so that I can differentiate my article from these others
that are talking about business websites.

Now, if you still need more convincing reasons why you need a website for
your business no matter how small or big you think you are, I will leave my business contact at the end of the article, you can give me a call and we have a one-on-one chat because this gets out of and in this day and age.

Alright, let's dive right into it.

1# Attention is the new currency
This concept was introduced to me by the
GARY VAYNERCHUK, the personal branding animal of the century., his gospel is simple, the more attention you, or your business, or whatever you are working on, has, is directly proportionate to the amount of money you are going to make.

PERIOD, SIMPLE, and it's is true. A quick one, when I look at the guys that
are killing it in my niche (that is Health Information Management Systems),
the only difference is that they have all the attention of my target
customers, no doubt about that, so now I have to be strategic on how
I can now draw that attention to myself.

The same is very true for you, all the customers you are targeting and are
'not giving you business, the attention has been taken. To successfully win
'this game, we have to BATTLE for the ATTENTION of our target customers.

2# Influence and add value to your target audience
I read a target='_blank'>story of a guy who saw an advert for a job with a
celebrity, while others were busy sending their resumes, he created a quick
website for himself with relevant content and sent the link via twitter to
the celebrity.
This made him stand out amongst many. And of course, he got the job.

What do people see when they search your name on Google? Are you producing
online content in your area of expertise that will help people and promote
your work?

3# Promote your content
Having a personal website gives you leverage to promote your content thereby showcasing your work. Let’s say I have a business deal with some Americans and we haven’t met, but online. They’ll like to know more about me and they’ll definitely search “Humphrey” on Google to know what kind of person I am. My personal website will pop up (and there is a bit of work to make my
the site to appear on the first page, which is called Search Engine Optimization
SEO) and, whatsoever they find about me, be it good or bad will influence their decision.

I have heard a lot of people say, Nah, facebook or Instagram is enough for
this kind of update and they are true in a way, the only problem is that on Instagram alone, has href=''
target='_blank'>In June 2018, Instagram had reached one billion monthly
active users according to Statista, that means as of June 2018, they had
about 34Million active users every day, if you are depending on this channel
to push out an update, you are competing with 33,999,999 other users every day
for the same attention, pretty complicated, huh?

4# Shows authenticity
I was recently having a chat with one of the ladies I am teaching personal
branding and I asked her a profound question.

Where is the first place you look for information about a company that is hiring? Her answer was Google, then I asked what her company perception would be if the company had no online presence and she said, she would be skeptical and would lose trust there and then.

Like I always say, PERCEPTION IS THE REALITY in this game, how your
target audience perceives you, is who you are in their minds
, create a
very powerful IMAGE.

5# Connect with the world
Another benefit of having a personal website is to the luxury of connecting to the world. Your website can be accessed from any part of the world. When I check my website stats on Google Analytics I see it has been visited from different parts of the world.
People can read, comment and share your articles from any part of the world.
Sometimes, if what you share is useful to them – may be an organization-they can invite to be a speaker in an event happening in their country. Yeah, they’ll cover the cost of everything because they’ve found value. But what if you have no online content? I guess you know the answer.

Do you have products or services you offer?

If you are to scale your business to a high level, you’ll definitely need a
website. It gives you brand integrity and access to many customers.

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