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Day trading attention

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Day trading attention This book started it's life from a long meditation I had of how successful entrepreneurship actually works and how the game "of being that natural expert service provider that everyone want's to work with no matter the cost", can be won.

Having started and run successful and failed businesses since 2010, I have noticed how businesses can flourish once they master the art of "Day trading attention".

A while a go, day trading attention was with a "website". If you had a website for your business in the 90's you were the go to person in your space of operation.

Then a few years ago, attention shifted to social media. Without a Facebook or Twitter page, the business was considered "not up-to-date". Now social media is still very relevant but, in it's evenings, and there is very limited room for innovation, we have seen it and we have done it.

Now if you have noticed, attention is shifting to personalized services delivered over people's mobile devices. Services like Home smart security systems where you are able to monitor your home using your phone no matter your location in the world. This is where the attention is shifting to, the one industry that has fully come on board is the travel industry with applications like Uber, Taxify and Safeboda.

In this book, i do an indepth analysis of how trends are changing using relevant examples and graphics. I also give you a workable solution using the B.O.S.S Formular on how you can stay on top of your game with your custom, laser-beam focused mobile-based business solution.