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Together with me you’ll deep dive into the biggest problems, bottlenecks and errors that are holding you back from completing your big project and securing your next big one.

The goal of this consultation is to work with you side-by-side to resolve the errors, as well as give you the best programing practices, clarity, guidance, tools, and wisdom needed to reach the next level of productivity.

Coming from 8+ years of programing experience, with over 30+ completed projects, I am a proven expert at resolving any issues you might have in your project, training your team to be highly effective and motivated.

I am specially gifted in turning complex concepts into simple steps that can be learnt, memorized and implemented in the record time.

Humphrey Tugume
Humphrey Tugume

Working with me is for you if......

You are working a Django Project

You would like to learn Python and Django in under 5 weeks

You are on a tight deadline but google and stackoverflow seem not to be quicky resolving the error on your screen.

You’re stuck doing it all yourself instead of outsourcing and delegating specific tasks to the right people

You feel like something is ‘off’ in your project but you can’t quite put your finger on it

You need to equip your team with Django or Python skill for data analysis.

You need to upgrade your system but afraid of breaking it.

If any of these sound like you, working together may be a good fit for you.


How we can work together.

Online Course (DjangoTuts)

I have packed 8 plus years of experience, best practices, shortcuts, workflow and other tricks to get you up and running in less than 5 weeks.

Price: $50

Consultation Call

A 30 minutes call session where i look at your project and solve all the errors that you may be facing in real time.

Price: $100

On-Site Consultation

Book a whole day for a Zoom or On-Site session where we get to work together so that your project or team can be on their A-Game.

Price: $200


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