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5 life tips to 20 old Humphrey

5 life tips to 20 old Humphrey

My boy, how is your social life?

I know you have it all figured, you are making money, you are riding a cool bike, you are growing your Team in GNLD and orders of Super Glo are flowing in well, happy for you. I am not here to tell you to change your plans or anything like that, I am here to show you a glimpse of the next 9 years and how you can have your way in it like a genius you are.

1# Save Save and Save
You have a huge heart, the 2nd biggest I have so far seen, and that is a gift you should always cherish, however, in your giving, always remember to give your self also, save money to give your self gifts like capital to start a business, land among others.

2# Work on your Skill
In the next few years, the people that will earn the most are the most skillful in a given field. you have always loved tech, start reading about it, practice and get so good at it.

3# Stop trying to impress people
One heard lesson you need to learn early and easy is that people are impressed by the results you bear as you work on your life, not by your words or how much you explain or labor to make them smile. Realize that one day, you will be a memory, so always aspire to leave a dent in this world.

4# Make noise about what you are good at
If you observe closely the guys that are popular, you will realize that they make the most money. The more popular you are especially at a given skill, for example, Marketing, the more money you will make. Get popular at what you do.

5# Awesome people.
At Kampala Community Church, you are about to meet an awesome guy, Adem Andrew, he is a great man, but don't get too excited, let things unfold. When you finally meet him, treat him with respect, he is your elder and learn as much as you can when you are in his company.

At MUK, you shall meet great people and all of them shall leave a mark on your life. They will shape the way you will live, listen and be wise in your dealings there. Look out for Papa Brian and Elder Augustine.

Elder Augustine is about to teach you one skill that will feed you for the rest of your life, listen and listen well, learn and learn well while you can still access him so easily.

Papa Brian will shape your life perfectly like a master builder, watch, learn and if you don't understand, just imitate.

Bonus tip.
Keep your great taste of awesome shoes and may they forever be clean.